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This is the new logo and branding for my photography business. Or an updated logo because only a little has actually changed, even if the old logo differs quite much from the new one. But still with a completely new message.  Let me give you all the info behind this update.  Let’s us start with the branding […]

New logo and branding for a maternity photographer

Logo and branding for a Maternity Photographer


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Script fonts, also known as cursive fonts, have a special place in our hearts. You know, the font that looks like it is written by hand. We use it (and love it) because it adds such a new fun and soft feeling to designs. But there are a few things that you need to think […]

3 rules for using a script font


Easy seo updates for Photographers

As I know that SEO is confusing and overwhelming, I created this guide, where I share my three simple things that allow you to take control over your SEO in a simple way. 

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