Meet your Showit Designer

I'm Josephine

And I'm here because I want to see you succeed!

And I'm not like other designers

I'm also a photographer who uniquely understands your business and challenges.

I know how it is to not feel enough in a saturated market. I've been there with my own photography business.
That's why I'm here, to bring your focus back to your passion for photography and create a profitable business you love and feel proud of.

Investing in your branding and website is not just about creating a beautiful online presence - it's also about gaining clarity and focus.
By simplifying your message and visual identity, you can attract the type of clients and work you feel valued for - Clients who will queue to work with you and pay you what you ask them to pay.

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My Mission

Provide you with purposeful design strategies to help you get your photography sessions booked out by your dream clients

Some favorites of mine


Not only because I love to explore the world through my kid's eyes, but traveling is also constantly feeding my creative soul with inspiration.


Maybe it's because I'm Swedish, and it's within my blood. But I love Ikea. And are a ninja at assembling Ikea furniture.


Morning yoga in a quiet house before the family wakes up is the best start of any day of the week. 


I'm lucky to share my everyday life with the three most incredible humans.
My husband and our two kids.


I always have my nails colored. Always! 
Feel naked without it.

My FAVORITE hobbies are

Cooking and Hiking



Favorite restaurant

Anything Italian...


Reading books

My happy place

The Swedish Mountains

unexpected fact

Don't like sodas

As in my early days, I wanted to be a journalist,
let's do a small interview

- Michelle

"I've been able to charge (and get) double per session compared to my old website"

Love michelle photography

bring your visions alive

Let's work TOGETHER

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custom brand &
web design

When you have had your photography business for a while and know you need a solid brand and website that support the goals and ambition you have.

The most affordable solution when you need a professional website created by a designer to help you grow your business.


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Favorite resources

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canva  templates for photographers

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