I'm josephine and I'm just like you!

hey, you!

Once upon a time there was a girl in Sweden, she was pregnant and got her first camera in her hands. She fell in love with both her new baby daughter and the magic she learned to create with her camera. 
She started a photography business a couple of years later but what she didn't know was that she also had to educate herself in marketing.

She had to know how to build a website.

She had to know how to utilize Social Media.

She had to be an expert of so many things!

It was overwhelming and it also took so much time from doing what her business really was doing.

Even if knowledge isn't a bad thing, I should have saved so many years of struggle and time wasting if I just had a place to go where I could collect just the parts that I needed.

That's why I started Design by Josephine, to give a helping hand for others just like you that now are in the same situation as I was. 

I'm your business friend, and I'm so glad that you are here!

that girl is me!

I live in Sweden together with my husband and two children in a house a bit outside the city. Something I love is to wake up in the mornings! 
Make a good cup of coffee, bring my laptop to the couch and enjoy the silence of my sleeping family. 
And this is how it looks like when I create most of my designs. Even if I'm a bit later got company by two pyjamas dressed babies and Paw Patrol...

In High School my main subject was Media. My goal was to be a journalist. 
But I also had to read both Marketing and Graphic Design. I wasn't happy for it at first, but oh, I loved it so much and are forever grateful that I was "forced" to read them.


From my home in sweden!

I love dogs. And cats. And horses and everything that comes with fur and are cute!

But sadly I'm allergic!

My daughter loves animals too and when she was 3 years old she had a solution.
- We can buy a dog and then mum can stay at the office.... 

to know me...

I read somewhere that you shouldn't have a TV in the bedroom. So we don't and my husband has accepted it.

But guess who is bringing the iPad to the bed instead? To binge watch Netflix before she falls to sleep...?
Yes, me!

Wonder about my favourite show?
- It's Gilmore Girls!
And Friends. And Modern Family. And The Queen....

I'm a big fan of coffee!
Or to be honest, there is actually not so much coffee in my cup! It’s mostly milk.

But the truth is that I wasn't drinking coffee until my son was born 5 years ago.
My aunt tried to teach me to drink coffee when I was 12 years old (no, she doesn’t have any kids on her own...) I never liked it.
But my not-so-sleepy son, had better success... 

funny facts

wanna say hi

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Just send me an email and I will send you a sweet note back! 

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