I'm Josephine
and I'm just like you!

A Small Business owner with big dreams, That only wants to spend my days doing things I love.
But who hates to struggle with the things that come with the business life I'm not passionate about. 

you don't have to do

Let me tell you something


Several years ago when I stated my photography business I quickly became very shocked and overwhelmed by all the things I had to deal with - except for taking photos

- I needed to have a marketing plan (what on earth is that!?)

- I needed to create a client experience (it wasn't just to show up and take photos as I thought)

- I had to build my own website (did NOT see how demanding that project was)

- I needed to know how to utilize social media (it's not just to post pretty images and the clients will come running...)

And just add a million other things that I needed to be in control of!!!

Taking photos, which was what I wanted to do, was only maybe around 15% of the time in my business. 

Even if knowledge isn't a bad thing, I should have saved so many years of struggle and time-wasting if I just had a place to go where I could collect the parts that I needed.

When the pandemic came in 2020, it gave me the time to pursue the design dream that I've had for a long time. 
And even if it just should be something temporary, it fast grew into something bigger.
I saw that the digital tools and resources I created really made a difference in other people's business life.
And I wanted to continue to help.

It is not only by providing helpful tools itself, I want to make this whole "running your own business" thing so much more fun as you can focus on the thing.
You know, that passion of yours, that made you start your business from the beginning. 

I'm glad that you are here and I'm happy to help you living your best business life!

My mission is to create beautiful, strategic, no-hassle tools for other photographers

What I love the most 


Not only because I love to explore the world through my kid's eyes. Traveling is always feeding my creative soul with inspiration.


Maybe it's because I'm Swedish and it's within my blood. But I love Ikea. And are a ninja at assembling Ikea furniture.


Morning yoga in a quiet house before the family wakes up is the best start of any day of the week. 


I'm lucky to share my everyday life with the three most amazing humans.
My husband and our two kids.


I always have my nails colored. Always! 
Feel naked without it.

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Easy seo updates for Photographers

As I know that SEO is confusing and overwhelming, I created this guide, where I share my three simple things that allow you to take control over your SEO in a simple way. 

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