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It's time to start book more dream clients with help of purposeful design strategies

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With a brand and website made for you to book clients who feel like friends

It's not just about looking "pretty"

Working with people who value you for the experience you provide and the pictures you deliver can be your reality.

With a Brand & Website designed to communicate your expertise and tailored to deliver a promise of what they get beyond the framed photo on the wall, you will stand out in your market and book clients you will love.

It's about showing up with a brand that aligns with your vision to make it impossible for your dream clients to resist you. 

and Designer

with clients featured in:

Results that matters!

Charging More

Ready for results like this?

Rising Inquires

Peace of Mind

Showing your real value will allow you to charge what your work deserves.

When your website is designed for your dream clients, they will book with you.

With a solid brand and website you can relax as it will do a lot of work for you.

SEO Ranking

Your dream clients are looking for you, and will find you!

Design won't result in anything without a personal strategy.
Here are some outcomes my clients have loved experiencing after working together.

love from clients

and their newfound success 


- Michelle Thompson

Love Michelle Photography

"I've been able to charge (and get) double per session compared to my old website"

- Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen Photography

"By investing in a professional like Josephine, I saved so much time and the results I received was something I would never be able to do myself"

- Renee Amour

A Wedding Collection 

"She allowed me space to review the design, let things sink in, and then make solid decisions."

Custom showit website
& branding is perfect when...

You have had your photography business for a couple of years

Your business is growing, your services have changed, and your website does not support your current level. You are ready to elevate and need your website to match your ambition. 

You know how to value your time

You know your time is valuable, and you better focus on things in your business that match your skills and passion. You know that hiring a designer is an investment that will pay off.

You want to be in control

You need to take control over inquiries and need a website that backs you up in the booking process so you can stop relying on referrals. 

You are ready

You are here to make that vision you’ve always had for your business into reality.

The Process

01 • get in contact

We'll start with a 30-minute consultation call to discuss where you are and aim to be. Depending on your situation, we will talk about what service combination will be the best for you.

02 • we are preparing

We are digging deep into your business's core with help from my detailed questionnaires. This strategic foundation ensures that your business stands out and resonates with your audience.

03 • I DEsign for you

When I have all the content and other information, I'll start designing your new logo, branding, and website. All while you lay your time on other things in your business only you can do!

04 • time to LAUNCH

It's official—Your new branding and website are ready for launch! I will assist with the technical parts and give you promotional graphics so you can celebrate big!

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Custom Branding & Web Design

Elevate Your business with Purposeful Design Strategies

This experience is for the photographer whose business is growing, your services have changed, and your website does not support your current level. You are ready to elevate and need your website to match your ambition. 

Brand Strategy & Research for in-depth market insights

We will conduct extensive research to understand your industry, target audience, and competitors. This strategic foundation ensures that your brand stands out and deeply resonates with your audience.

Distinctive Logo Design to create a lasting impression

I will craft a unique and impactful primary logo that embodies your brand's personality and values. I'll also provide multiple logo variations, ensuring consistent and adaptable brand representation across various platforms.

Bespoke website that will convert your dream clients

A website, through beautiful design and strategy, will reflect your brand's personality and values. It will resonate with your dream clients, ease your booking process, and make you ready for long-term success.

Visual Style Guide and support for lasting success

I will provide you with a style guide to maintain brand consistency, ensuring that your visuals always speak the same language. After the launch, I'll also be there for you with tutorials, guides, and personal assistance to ensure you are set up for real success.

Included In Your Experience:

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"By investing in a professional like Josephine, I saved so much time and the results I received was something I would never be able to do myself"

love from my sweet client Sarah Nguyen

For a custom web design and branding project, the timeline is usually around 10-12 weeks. Most of this depends on how quickly you get content and imagery to me and how quickly you respond to emails.

Around 10-12 weeks


I do only work with the Showit platform.
In my opinion (not only as a designer but also as a photographer), there is no other website platform better for photographers than Showit (read more about it here).
Just the fact that the whole platform from the beginning was built for just photographers says quite a lot.

Yes I do!


The template customization includes basic SEO, such as keyword and on-page SEO, to give you a solid foundation to continue to build your SEO over time.
If you wish to have a deeper SEO strategy already from the beginning, I'm happy to refer you to my SEO expert friend!

Basic SEO is included


You bet!
I offer personal payment plans for each of my services that can be adjusted to fit your situation.
However, I require a 20% deposit and signed contract in order to reserve a spot for your project on the calendar. 



Template customization is a GREAT option when you are in need of a website  without the custom price tag.
You start by selecting one of the Showit Templates in my shop and then I will have it customized only for you. 

Read more here. 

I got your back!


Ready for a website and brand that will make it impossible for your dream clients to resist you?

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It's time for your next chapter