Custom Logo & Branding

Let your brand attract clients who value the emotions you capture as much as the moments themselves.

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It's not just about looking "pretty"

Struggling to attract clients who truly appreciate your work? A well-designed brand can change that for you.

With a clear message that showcases your emotional connection, artistry, and the lasting value you bring to your clients they'll be drawn to your authenticity and the value you provide, ready to trust you with capturing their precious memories.

It's about showing up with a brand that aligns with your vision to make it impossible for your dream clients to resist you. 

Custom Logo & Branding

Let your brand attract clients who value the emotions you capture as much as the moments themselves.

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love from clients

and their newfound success 


- Bree Davis

Bree is for Beauty Photography

I feel 100% more confident in what my branding conveys. 
Before, I felt like my branding wasn't reflective of the experience I wanted to provide to my clients - luxury and high-end.

- Kate voda

Kate Voda Photography

"Within 24 hours of my new site and branding going live, I made back what I invested in your services"

- Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen Photography

"By investing in a professional like Josephine, I saved so much time and the results I received was something I would never be able to do myself"

The Process

01 • get in contact

We'll start with a 30-minute consultation call to discuss the specific needs and wishes you have, but also where you are in your business now, and where you want to go. 

02 • we are preparing

With the help of my detailed brand questionnaire, it will be easy to narrow all details down. 
From your dream client to your band values.

03 • I DEsign for you

Once we have mapped out the foundation, I will do my magic and visually put everything together into the branding you always dreamt of.

04 • time to LAUNCH

It's official—Your branding is ready for launch!
I will share with you and give you promotional graphics so you can celebrate big!

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Custom Branding
is perfect...

when you Believe your photos deserve an equal beautiful brand

Custom branding isn't just a logo - it's a cohesive experience that reflects the emotions and stories you capture for your clients. Your brand should be an extension of the art you create and a promise of what you can give them.

when you Are tired of feeling like a "one-size-fits-all" photographer

With a custom brand designed after you, you will attract clients who truly connect with your values and want to be a part of your experience.

when you Dream of attracting clients who value your experiEnce

A custom brand will attract clients who resonate with your vision, not just those looking for the most photos at the lowest cost. It allows you to build meaningful connections and focus on your passion.

Your experiance:

We will conduct extensive research to understand your industry, target audience, and competitors. This strategic foundation ensures that your brand stands out and deeply resonates with your audience.

Brand Strategy & Research for in-depth market insights

I will craft a unique and impactful primary logo that embodies your brand's personality and values. I'll also provide multiple logo variations, ensuring consistent and adaptable brand representation across various platforms.

Distinctive Logo Design to create a lasting impression

I will provide you with a style guide to maintain brand consistency, ensuring that your visuals always speak the same language.

Visual Style Guide for a consistent brand presentation

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Elevate Your business with Purposeful Design Strategies

Custom branding 

This experience is for the photographer whose business is growing, your services have changed, and your branding does not support your current level.

Also Need a custom designed website?

If you are also looking for a custom-made new website for you and your business, I offer that as a combined service with the branding.

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How long will it take?

How long will it take?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks. Most of this depends on how quickly you complete the Brand Discovery Questionnaire and how fast you respond to emails.

Around 3-4 weeks

Do you offer payment plans?

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment is something we discuss when having our 30 min strategy call.
I require a 25% deposit and a signed contract to reserve a spot for your project in my calendar. 

Yes, I do!

Do you offer stationary services?

Do you offer stationary services?

If you need to have business cards, letters, or packaging designed with your new branding, I'm more than happy to help.
Mention this when you inquire, and then we can discuss it further during our 30-minute consultation call.

Oh yes!

Can I only invest in customized branding without a new website?

Can I only invest in customized branding without a new website?

Yes, you can. Custom branding is perfect for you if you already have a website that serves you well but only needs to strengthen your brand appearance.

If you have a smaller budget, custom branding is a great place to start when you don't have the possibility to invest in both branding and a new website. In fact, I always recommend starting with the branding as you can begin to work with your brand recognition and probably want to update your website when you have new branding. Doing it first will save you time. 

Yes You can!

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Are you ready for a brand that feels like you?