It is challenging to make your clients realize your uniqueness before they book you, as it is something that they discover after working with you when they have been a part of your experience.

You want to book clients who want to work with you because of how amazing you are and move away from the people who only want to get a few pictures at the lowest cost.

This free workbook will guide you to communicate better the value you deliver to stand out in the market.

Start to stand out!

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I'M HERE TO help you Elevate Your photography business with Purposeful Design Strategies

Strategic design that meets psychology is what great design is made of. Not only to impact your dream clients but to fill you with the confidence to bring your business beyond imagination.

I am not only a designer, but I'm a photographer too, and I'm here to combine those two things when Josephineing* your photography business into success.

I'm Josephine