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Why I changed from Mailerlite to Flodesk

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Changing something that you can use for free into a paid service just because something is prettier doesn’t sound like a wise business decision, right? But in this post, I will tell you that when I changed the provider for my email newsletter, it turned out to be the complete opposite! Disclosure: Some of the […]

How photographers can use frame mockups

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This is a blog post for all my photographer friends!If you don’t know, I also run a photography business where I shoot maternity photos. And a few months back I updated my photography website a bit. One thing that I added was a picture, or a mockup. I did it mostly because I had access to […]

Do this to increase your engagement on Instagram

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When you open the Instagram app and see the red notifications that someone has left you a comment, liked your post or that you have DMs waiting.That feeling of excitement is something that we always want to feel when we open up the app right?In fact, that is one of the reasons why we post […]

SEO for Photographers

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Ranking high in a Google search is important. Statistics say that we barely look at the second page of a search result. And to do that, you need to work with your SEO. You know that thing that just gives you a headache just by thinking of it. I’m a photographer myself I’m also a photographer […]

Do this to optimize your Instagram Bio

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Your Instagram Bio is far more important than you think. It’s doing more than just informing your profile visitor about what you do.  It actually has different purposes to serve. And that can be pretty challenging as you only have 150 characters to use.And when I start talking about SEO I bet you just back […]

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Have a closer look at the custom Showit website that I have designed for Renee, the wedding planner behind A Wedding Collection in Florida.This was such a fun website project and that did not just result in a gorgeous website, but also in a new “online-business-friendship”   Custom Showit Website for a Wedding Planner When […]

Showit Website for A Wedding Collection

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canva templates for your instagram

I want you to discover how easy it is to use Canva for your Instagram.
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