RECIPE Ebook template

For your recipes

This Recipe Ebook Template comes with 29 pages that you can combine in a countless number of versions.
A shorter Freebie or a longer version as a Recipe book or only for single recipe cards.

The pages come in different categories like covers, introduction, recipe pages, help, planning, editorial, and more just to give you endless options.

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29 pages that easily can be customized

What's included

DOCUMENT WITH THE LINK TO load the template into your canva account

Editorial pages to help you share your knowledge

Pages for shopping lists, meal planning, measurments, converters and more

how does it work?


When purchasing, you will receive a pdf with a link that automatically will add the template into your Canva account.


Once there, you add your own photos and add your delicious recipes.
Duplicate, remove, or simply just mix and match the pages as you want for your desired result.


Download your recipe ebook as a pdf and distribute that way, or send it to a printing service for creating a physical product. 

the template works both for printing and to use as a pdf

The images are paid stock photos I can't share. 


Haute stock

Please note that the pictures in the templates not are included.



If you need pictures you have a library in Canva that you can use. But you can also find free stock photos at Unsplash and Pexels.

The one I'm using is coming from Haute Stock. It's an amazing service that includes everything you need for social media and marketing.

Recipe ebook


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