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You may not know but I’m a photographer from the beginning. Meaning, I know how to take professional photos. So why am I using a stock photo service when I can do it myself?– Good question, thanks for asking! Continue reading friend, I will tell you why I, as a Photographer use Stock Photos and then […]


Why I, as a Photographer use Stock Photos


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Have you heard of the new Instagram feature called Instagram Guides?I know, we have just (almost) learnt what an Instagram Reel are and now there is a new feature in town. But don’t you worry, this one is a really good one and it won’t require you to do any extra work.So in this post […]

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Learn how to use Instagram Guides

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This is the most difficult question to handle when you are running your own business.You don’t want to have too high prices so no one is booking you, at the same time as you want to make A LOT of money… I’m here with some mindset about pricing your creative business.   pricing your creative business […]


Everything about pricing your creative business

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When having a business, it’s so important to show up and be on brand. Cause the brand is you.And when someone sees something from you and your business, they should immediately know that this is you. We can do an example. Let’s say that you have a new blogpost, it can be about your last […]

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It’s so important to show up and be on-brand?

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There are so many apps out there that helps you to create nice designs for Instagram Stories.You just easily add your pictures and change the text and your story is done.But they are limited… So when I discovered Canva, it changed EVERYTHING.There is no hesitation about why Canva is the best for your Instagram Stories! Let […]

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Why Canva is the best for your Instagram Stories

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When the decision is taken, the one about that you need a place online, many questions are following.Cause no matter if you need a place for the small business of yours or if it’s for your blog, you want to keep things simple.Your website should just serve you and your dreams, not the other way […]


Why Wix is the Perfect Platform for You!

wix website

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How about having your Instagram Post to appear more than once in your followers feed?If they don’t interact with it the first time is appears, you can increase the visibility of your Instagram Post by having it showed it again.Read how you with this basic Instagram feature can make it happen! When people scroll their […]

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Increase the visibility of your Instagram Posts

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That I’m a girl that loves graphical design and marketing is something that’s not a surprise for you. But did you know that I’m a photographer and that Covid-19 gave me a chance to fulfill a secret dream of mine? Here is a post so you can get to know me and my story. I’m […]


Get to know me and my story!

8 canva templates for your instagram

I want you to discover how easy it is to use Canva for your Instagram account so I give you 4 templates for your feed and 4 templates for your stories that all can be customized and edited in Canva. The free online designing tool

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