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Instagram Reels, guess we all have some kind of love/hate relation to this feature that very quickly became very popular. But how many times have’t you seen a Reel and important information and text are cut out so you don’t see everything?In this post I will show you a work around that help you to […]

How to keep your Reels within the frame so no text got cut off


Make Animated Instagram Reels in Canva

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The news that Instagram no longer will be a photo sharing app has shaken our world. The algorithm will focus more on video. Many are dissatisfied with this news, mostly because creating video content is hard. But there is a way to make that easier and that is to use the content you already have […]

How to Make Animated Instagram Reels in Canva


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There are so many apps out there that helps you to create nice designs for Instagram Stories.You just easily add your pictures and change the text and your story is done.But they are limited… So when I discovered Canva, it changed EVERYTHING. There is no hesitation about why Canva is the best for your Instagram Stories! […]

Why Canva is the best for your Instagram Stories


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Easy seo updates for Photographers

As I know that SEO is confusing and overwhelming, I created this guide, where I share my three simple things that allow you to take control over your SEO in a simple way. 

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