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Do you have an email list? If not, I actually want you to be a bit stressed about it. Or at least squeeze it in quite high on your to do list.  I’m not here to make anyone feel bad about themselves, it’s the right opposite. I want to be here to inspire and help […]

This is why you need an email list

why you need an email list


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A freebie, or an opt-in, or a lead magnet or… Yes, it has many different names. What it does is to provide value in exchange for an email address in order to build your email list.As this often is your first step when starting to build an email list, it makes the whole thing feel […]

Ideas for creating your first Opt-in


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Easy seo updates for Photographers

As I know that SEO is confusing and overwhelming, I created this guide, where I share my three simple things that allow you to take control over your SEO in a simple way. 

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