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Ranking high in a Google search is important. Statistics say that we barely look at the second page of a search result. And to do that, you need to work with your SEO. You know that thing that just gives you a headache just by thinking of it. I’m a photographer myself I’m also a photographer […]

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Blogging is dead! Is blogging worth it? It’s all about Video nowadays…I’m sure you have heard all of it and also ten other versions of it.So the question is, should you have a blog for your Service Based Business? My answer to that question is yes, yes and yes!If you got the right purpose I […]

Why you need a blog for your service based business


Easy seo updates for Photographers

As I know that SEO is confusing and overwhelming, I created this guide, where I share my three simple things that allow you to take control over your SEO in a simple way. 

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