Building your website is like buying furniture at IKEA. It seems so easy, and the instructions are so simple, but it just takes one screw to be missing, and it's impossible to get a result.
Or sometimes you get it all together, but it doesn't feel right and you don't know what's missing, just that something is missing…
I have created a freebie to help you overcome that missing part problem of your website.
It's a checklist that will guide you through each and one of the pages on your website and, step by step, help you make sure each page includes all parts to be as optimized as possible.

small things that makes

Don't wait!

download your checklist now!

I'M HERE TO help you Elevate Your photography business with Purposeful Design Strategies

Strategic design that meets psychology is what great design is made of. Not only to impact your dream clients but to fill you with the confidence to bring your business beyond imagination.

I am not only a designer, but I'm a photographer too, and I'm here to combine those two things when Josephineing* your photography business into success.

I'm Josephine