build your headlines correct

Four months after I launched my photography business, I was ranking number two in Google searches and had my own tab at the image search. 

What did I do to achieve that?

Not much actually. 
Or at least nothing difficult or complicated. 

As I know that SEO is confusing and overwhelming, I created this guide, where I share my three simple things that allow you to take control over your SEO in a simple way. 

Do what you can!

How to seo boost your blog

How to be found in the google images serach

Don't wait!

download your guide now!

I'm Josephine

a maternity photographer with a design business

And the girl that believes that anything is possible!

I have started Designs by Josephine with an intention of creating a community of female entrepreneurs.
It's also a place where I help other you to achieve your dreams and goals by providing digital designs resources