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During my years as a photographer, I have been dealing with a lot of difficulties. 
But with time I understood that preparation is key and not just for me.
Because most of the obstacles I have been facing could have been avoided just by preparing my clients better. 

For the time when the dad showed up in a red jacket that did not align with my style at all and made me cry while editing...

... Or the other time when I was editing a newborn session and realized that the green t-shirt that the big brother wore gave the baby the same skin color as ET...

... And all time I have been dealing with overstressed mothers that have had too high expectations of their families, but in the end, it's all about the expectations they put on themselves.

When your clients are coming prepared to your session, it makes the biggest difference. Not only because of the end result, but also because relaxed and happy clients are a pleasure to work with

You are more than a photographer

I absolutely LOVE this style + prep guide! It's been beautifully designed and well-thought out to help photographers level-up their client experience in a huge way! This guide exceeded my expectations and I recommend this to any photographer who's looking to exceed their client's expectations or refresh a part of their client experience!

client love

Danielle Lauren

This guide exceeded my expectations

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Enjoy the feeling of satisfied clients and the confidence boost of running a thriving business.

Make sure that the family is coming well prepared before their photos session

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